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Email - Overview

Important Note : Please note that Post Office has stopped providing (creating) Post Office email address to new sign ups since 24th April 2017. Any existing customers who have already got Post Office email address can however continue to use this in line with the instructions given below.

To send and receive email messages, I can use WebMail or I can use an Email Client program. What are the differences between them?

There are two ways of accessing your Post Office emails. You can use either -

  • 'My Email', which is the Post Office Webmail service, or

  • An Email Client Program - which is a program for managing email - for example, Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Live Mail are Email Client Programs.

For further information, see below.

Using the Post Office 'My Email' Webmail Service

The Post Office 'My Email' Service is similar to other webmail services, such as Google Mail. It uses a web browser to display email messages.

The main advantage of using the 'My Email' is that no set-up is required - you use your web browser, and so it's easy to use.


Using an Email Client Program

If you have an Email Client Program installed on your computer, then messages are downloaded into the inbox of your Email Client Program and stored locally on your computer, so you will always be able to read email messages that you received in the past. You can create new messages, even if there isn't a working internet connection - the program will wait until the connection is restored, and messages will then be sent and received as normal. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, Mozilla's Thunderbird, or Apple's Mail are all Email Client Programs.

The main advantages of using an Email Client Program are -

  • You can read email messages that you received in the past, and you can create new messages, even if your computer is temporarily disconnected from the internet - for example, while using your laptop on a train

  •  Messages can include a full range of text formatting, such as a choice of fonts, bold, and italics.

Customer Care Line

You can call our Customer Care Line on 0345 600 3210. Lines are open from 8am - 8pm on Mon - Sat and 9am-6pm on Sun. Calls are free when made from an active Post Office HomePhone line. Calls made through other service providers are charged at their standard rates. Calls may be recorded, monitored and used for training and compliance purposes.

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